Wouldn’t you love to control all of your pool and spa systems from a wireless system? We can procure and install a wireless system for you! Control multiple functions of your swimming pool from the comforts of your home. They allow you to do such things like turn on and off the pool pump, control the temperature of your pool heater, or turning on and off your pool lights.

Automation of pool and spa components has come a long way in recent years. Timers that could simply turn heaters and pumps off and on were a welcome innovation and are still prominent in the marketplace today, an inexpensive method for automating the operation of key equipment and giving their owners one less thing to remember on a daily basis.

But today’s more complete systems represent a huge jump from timers in both technology and convenience, overseeing virtually every major electrical function of pool maintenance. From establishing a flexible heating schedule to setting up cleanings on vacation or simply adjusting lighting based on the time of day, automation can make pool upkeep as simple as learning a new remote control or new app.

There are a number of reasons pool owners might decide that automatic controllers would be beneficial. One of the more prominent though is to have timers that control the pump, filter, and automatic cleaner. These timers can be set up to turn the pump and filter on at certain times, with interlock features that ensure the pump is running when necessary (e.g., during heating times, cleaner operating times, etc.). Such features help avoid plumbing meltdowns and cleaner booster pump failure.

Remote controls allow you to turn different pool features off and on from any location. Some controllers are even accessible by phone and via the Internet, allowing you to turn on the spa and warm it up before your arrival, or even clean your pool for that unexpected get together.

We also offer full pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools.

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We are located in San Clemente and serve all Orange County.

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