Want to increase the value of your pool as well as extend your swimming into cooler weather days? Take a look at installing a pool heater. We can help you find the correctly sized pool heater to fit your pool size and environment. At Plumeria Pools we want you to be able to increase and/or extend your swimming pool enjoyment, simplify your pool maintenance and provide environmentally safe product options for pool heaters.

Plumeria Pools can recommend, procure and install top-of-the-line heaters for your pool, as well as repair and “tune up” existing heaters for enhanced performance.

It is better to have a qualified pool professional install your pool heater especially the electric hookup, as well as perform any complicated maintenance or repair tasks. Improper installation and maintenance of pool heaters can diminish their efficiency. Pool heaters should have an annual tune up because of its many moving and electrical parts.

We also offer full pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools.

We are located in San Clemente and serve all Orange County.


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We are located in San Clemente and serve all Orange County.

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