The filter is an important part of your swimming pool or spa. It helps clean the water by filtering out small debris and other particles out of the water. The particulates are collected in the filter before the water is recirculated through the heater and back into to the pool. In order for your swimming pool to function properly, the pool filter should be cleaned on a regular basis. Filter repairs to replace broken filter parts will occasionally be needed. Eventually an entire pool filter installation will be needed.

Failing pool filters diminish the pool and spa experience.

Outdated or broken pool filters can allow debris to build up in the pool or spa water. Poor filtration can also cause the rapid growth of algae. Both can result with an unpleasant swimming environment. This causes swimming pool owners to spend additional time cleaning their hot tub or pool. They may also spend money on additional chemicals and treatments to remove algae. A failing pool filter can also create problems with vacuuming. When a pool filter repair will no longer remedy the long-term problems with the filter a pool filter installation should be considered.

When a pool filter should be replaced.

There are several ways to tell when it may be time to consider replacing a worn pool or hot tub filter. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays can diminish the lifespan of a swimming pool or spa filter housing. Filters may also fail because of bad internal parts and excessive wear and tear on the filter grids or cartridges. Cracks in the filter body can be a sign that a new pool filter installation is needed. Sometimes the wrong size pool filter was initially installed causing poor filtration and decreased water circulation. Swimming pool filter installations should only be performed by qualified professionals. Plumeria Pools offers pool filter replacement for Orange County pool owners.

The right filter for your pool and spa.

A new pool filter installation typically takes only a few hours to complete. It depends on the accessibility of the pool plumbing and the type of filter being installed. We use only the highest quality filters from reputable manufacturers. Free estimates are provided to homeowners before any work is started. Once the pool filter installation is completed, we perform a thorough inspection of the new filter. This is done to make sure the existing plumbing will not leak and that now other equipment repairs are needed.

After Your Pool Filter Installation

Plumeria Pools also offers pool owners pool maintenance and pool filter cleanings, which can prolong the life of your filter. Regular filter cleans keep the filter running at optimal performance and reduces the overall chemical needs. Each filter cleaning allows our technicians the opportunity to inspect internal parts. We look at filter cartridges, grids, sand and O-rings for any signs of damage. A pool filter installation can also be scheduled along with our other pool services and equipment installations.

We also offer full pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools.

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