Plumeria Pools knows nothing is as refreshing as taking a cool dip in your pool. We also know that nothing is as frustrating as looking at your energy bill during the months your pool is open, pool variable speed pumps can assist on this. The simple fact is that pool pump technology had not changed much over the last 50 years. Pumps were designed to pay little attention to energy efficiency. If you have an old one or two-speed induction motor serving as your pool pump here are the stark realities: Standard pool pumps burn 1600-2000 watts. That is 20 times more power usage than your refrigerator! Homes with standard pool pumps consume 67% more energy than homes without. Plumeria Pools wants to save you up to 90% in energy costs by installing an energy efficient variable speed pump.

Plumeria Pools will install a new pool variable-speed pump that can be programmed to operate at set speeds to deliver the correct flow for each pool function they are asked to perform. Some of today's variable speed pumps have built-in constant-flow software, which takes full advantage of state-of-the-art technology; constant-flow pumps automatically adjust their speed and deliver the required flow for each programmed task. These tasks can be as simple as keeping your pool water filtered to demanding tasks like running a waterfall or pool cleaner.

While variable speed pumps might be a little more costly than their old cousins, the savings you will achieve over the long run is nothing short of amazing. If your pool currently uses a single-speed pump, it may cost more than $900 per year to run. After five years you will have spent $4,500 to power it. With a well-designed system using a variable-speed pump, the comparable operational costs may be as little as $200 per year. For that same five-year period, you will only spend about $1,000 on your pull pump energy! Please contact us to learn about the styles and types of variable speed pumps we can install for your swimming pool. 

We also offer full pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools.

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We are located in San Clemente and serve all Orange County.

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