Plumeria Pools can provide services to acid wash your pool surface. The advantages of acid washing your pool is that it can efficiently revitalize its color and shine. This process can be used on many different types of surfaces and offers a way to eliminate the vast majority of stains that occur in swimming pools.

What Does an Acid Wash Remove?

As with other cleaning techniques, an acid wash will kill the unattractive algae that plagues pool owners. However, some of the other unwanted substances which are removed during an acid wash include:

  • Scale
  • Calcium deposits
  • Copper stains
  • Magnesium stains
  • Scum build-up

Which Surfaces Can Be Safely Cleaned with an Acid Wash?

Most pool surfaces can be safely cleaned with an acid wash. Some of those surfaces include:

  • White plaster
  • Colored plaster
  • Name brand finishes
  • Brick
  • Black plaster

We also offer full pool maintenance services for residential and commercial pools.

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